Unique Undercut

Luckily, for the last time, we saved the most creative idea. When your base haircut is figured out, with a one-of – a-kind undercut model you can completely unleash your imagination. Even if you could make a heavy investment to get it done by your city’s best barber, the art is worth every penny.

Jumbo Dreads

Long black men’s hairstyles come in many shapes and sizes, and we like this one particularly. We’re talking about dreads from jumbo. We just have around them the air of art and creativity that’s hard to find in other hairstyles, and that’s especially hard to beat.

Messy Fringe Bowl Cuts

Another typical departure. We saw a wavy pot, but how about a messy pan? Of course, if you’re running or doing anything like that, straight bowl cuts can get a bit messy. But here we’re talking about real messy hair, accomplished mainly thanks to this hairstyle’s textured cut.

Braided Ponytail – Rio Ferdinand

Report this ad Updos and structured hairstyles are becoming a classic go-to look for people, particularly soccer players, so why not add a twist by adding some braids? Head shapes of the face, round, square and oval. Track this ad

The Romeo Beckham

As previously announced, here’s the second of the Beckham boys on our chart. His good looks are undeniable, as he made it into one of the campaigns of Burberry. Just look at the dark blonde hair of the queen!

High Top Fade

and line up to clean the hairline, the top is a great cut.
Since black hair is different and flexible, boys can change their appearance with a section, braids, twists, dreads, tight curls, or an Afro. This hair style works best for thick or curly hair.

The Yoann Miguel Gourcuff

A fine, classic, medium haircut loves this Rennes footballer. It’s a shaggy cut, feathered, and sprayed, where you can admire the hue of his dark hair and the smooth texture of his skin. For his hair, it fits very well, highlighting his face.


Exclusively stylish and neat Pinterst comes out. The hair, while the pompadour fade goes very high, is swept up and away from the head.

Come As You Are

The great thing about long hairstyles for black is that they have a natural come as you are option, which means that there is a real option for both of you: look stylish as ever and do nothing at the same time. It’s hip in this hairstyle, and it’s one of the most popular soccer haircuts you can think of. It’s a hairdo of low maintenance so you should forget that you don’t know how to properly style it. E100.4202.jpg />

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